at HOZE we offer omakase, meaning that you give the chef creative freedom and trust to give you a culinary journey and a memorable dining experience. Indulge in the best ingredients we can offer at that specific time and moment and please understand that prices might fluctuate depending on the availabilty of ingredients at any given season.



2 000 SEK per person.


2 300 SEK per person.

unfortunately, we do not accept any dietary restrictions containing soy,

nor can we accept vegans or vegetarians.

omakase starts at 18:00 (6pm), if not stated otherwise.

please refrain from providing us with monetary tips, we do welcome and appreciate any alternate gifts, thank you.

    Stigbergsliden 17
    414 63, Göteborg


    From the stop Centralstationen, Göteborg platform D, take tram 3, 9 or 11 to stop Stigbergstorget, Göteborg platform B or C.

    The ride takes approx. 13-15 minutes. The ticket fare is around 35 sek and can be paid on the trams middle section.

    Please notice that tram 3 and 9 stop at platform B, while tram 11 stops at platform C. The restaurant is located less than a minute from both stops.

    Welcome !

    Who We Are

    HOZE is a traditional sushiya where we serve “edomae” which we translate as “edo” (former Tokyo) and “mae” (in front, also meaning style).

    Therefore we use seafood from only the northern waters surrounding the Scandinavian countries, as it is there we are currently located.

    Over the years we have sourced the best produce we can get our hands on by building personal relationships with other passionate people, our rice is from a young producer in Shika, Ishikawa prefecture, which works with his parents, the vinegar is made by a family that has produced it for over 5 generations from Miyzazu, Kyoto prefecture, our wasabi comes from a small collective of farmers in Shizuoka prefecture, the soy sauce is from a factory that is now over 300 years old and considered one of the oldest in the world located in Ibaraki prefecture, still making soy sauce as in the old days, and most of our fish comes from a small fishmonger here in Gothenburg, which I have built up a relationship with since the 10+ years we’ve been open.

    We think traditions should be learnt from, and relationships kept strong to keep the spirit of sushi alive.