HOZE is a 6 seat restaurant and therefore we offer seats at an even number.

We offer 1 seating Wednesday through Saturday at 19:00 (7pm).

Please note that cancellations must be made 3 days before your confirmed date, this is due to our restaurant being so minimal in numbers. Any late cancellation will be met with a 750 SEK fee per person.

Please note that we do not accept any dietary restrictions containing gluten and/or dairy intolerance nor can we accept vegans, vegetarians or people with seafood allergies.

sushi omakase menu ; 1.450 SEK (incl. 12% VAT)

otsumami & sushi omakase menu ; 1750 SEK (incl. 12% VAT)

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards, only swish and cash.

Available dates in August : 8. (6 seats) 9. (2 seats) 14. (6 seats) 15. (6 seats) 16. (4 seats) 17. (2 seats) 21. (6 seats) 22. (6 seats) 23. (6 seats) 24. (6 seats) 28. (4 seats) 29. (6 seats) 30. (6 seats) 31. (2 seats)

The available dates were last updated 12. 07. 2019

Stigbergsliden 17
414 63, Göteborg


From the stop Centralstationen, Göteborg platform D, take tram 3, 9 or 11 to stop Stigbergstorget, Göteborg platform B or C.

The ride takes approx. 13-15 minutes. The ticket fare is around 30 sek and can be paid on the trams middle section.

Please notice that tram 3 and 9 stop at platform B, while tram 11 stops at platform C. The restaurant is located less than a minute from both stops.

Welcome !


We believe that all ingredients have umami. Like people, they have different characters and at the restaurant we try to put these together in layers (bitter, sweet, salty and sour) to bring out the hundred procent essence of umami.

Under the years we’ve been open, locating great produce have been the number one priority. From amazing traditionally made soy sauce (Ibaraki, Japan) for our sushi, savory anchovies in olive oil (the Basques, Spain) for our appetizers and beautiful grace cow milk (Dalsland, Sweden) for our desserts.

Combining heritage, upbringing and experience has made our cuisine at HOZE what it is today.